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70-198 SVS Silicone Vapor Shield

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70-198 Silicon Vapor Shiel is a moisture barrier underlayment made of 6 mil. wet strength paper with a backed silicone coating that will not allow moisture to penetrate through to the wood flooring planks.

  • Meets perm ratings recommended by the National Wood Flooring Association
  • Clean to use, no rub-off on walls and hands
  • Ok to use with radiant heat systems - No asphalt odor
  • 100% Recycled
  • COVERAGE: 200 sq. ft.
  • DIMENSIONS: 33.5 in. x 72 ft.

Since SVS is made with silicone, the smooth surface allows installers to slide wood planks easily during installation plus it does not contain any toxic tar or tar-based ingredients found in some underlayments. The SVS is a white paper that allows a more visible chalk line and doesn't leave a black residue on hands or walls and will not fall apart during installation like red rosin, Kraft paper or wax papers do.
    No Fasteners
    No Accessories
70-198 SVS Silicone Vapor Shield