Nails and Staples in Every Size and Design, for Every Application

Whether it is with a manual or pneumatic nailer, using a T-shaped nail, L-shaped nail or staple, Porta-Nails™ now offers it all. One source for tools and the famous serrated "shark-like" nails that keep floors solidly in place. "One-Stop Shopping" for all your nailer and fastener needs. From the world famous Porta-Nailer Hammerhead system to the innovative serrated nails that keep your floors put, Porta-Nails is the only maker that makes it right the first time. Do it the right way - every time!

More Selections, Sizes and Applications

Porta-Nails now has shorter nails which are absolutely perfect for thinner subfloor applications while still offering the same incredible tighter-biting holding power that Porta-Nails is famous for.
Porta-Nails | Nails

Flooring Nails

"T" Porta-Nails 16 Gauge
  • 42629 Pack of 1000 2" 16Ga Porta-Nails "T" Nails
  • 42640 Pack of 1000 1½" 16Ga Porta-Nails "T" Nails
  • 42660 Pack of 1000 2" 16Ga Stainless Steel Porta-Nails "T" Nails
"L" Porta-Nails 16 Gauge and 18 Gauge
  • 4702 Pack of 1000 2" 16Ga Porta-Nails "L" Nails
  • 4703 Pack of 1000 1¾" 16Ga Porta-Nails "L" Nails
  • 4704 Pack of 1000 1½" 16Ga Porta-Nails "L" Nails
  • 47080 Pack of 1000 2" 16Ga Stainless Steel Porta-Nails "L" Nails
  • 41801 Pack of 2000 1¼" 18Ga Porta-Nails "L" Nails
  • 41802 Pack of 1200 1½" 18Ga Porta-Nails "L" Nails
  • 41803 Pack of 1200 1¾" 18Ga Porta-Nails "L" Nails
Porta-Nails | Staples

Flooring Staples

15.5 Gauge ½" Crown Staples
  • 4723 Pack of 7700 2" 15.5Ga 1/2" Crown Flooring Staples
  • 47261 Pack of 1000 2" 15.5Ga Crown Flooring Staples
  • 47271 Pack of 1000 1½" 15.5Ga Crown Flooring Staples
18 Gauge ¼" Crown Staples
  • 46196 Pack of 5000 1" 18Ga Crown Flooring Staples
  • 46197 Pack of 5000 1¼" 18Ga Crown Flooring Staples
  • 46198 Pack of 5000 1½" 18Ga Crown Flooring Staples

Nails that Never Let Go - No Matter How Harsh the Elements

The all-stainless flooring nails and staples round out the Porta-Nails family or quality products!

Adding to our commitment to NAIL SUPERIORITY in the floor and decking realm, this stainless steel nails wide head and grapple barb now allow the installer to apply superior holding power in any outside project where corrosion or rust is a concern. Use on ACQ treated materials as well as composite decking, boat building, hardwood flooring in coastal areas or any applications that require a non-corrosive fastener. These nails and staples meet the specific needs of ACQ Nailing applications.

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